August 14, 2017


Shareable Season 2 is Here!

Hosted by

Jeff Gibbard
Shareable Season 2 is Here!
Shareable Podcast
Shareable Season 2 is Here!

Aug 14 2017 | 0:00:00


Show Notes

Shareable Season 2 is here! And we’re going deep. As in “deep dive.” Get your head out of the gutter. In each episode, Jeff and his new co-host and producer Caroline are going to explore a different aspect of business with an expert leading the way. Our goal is to provide ya’ll with very tangible, process-focused advice that you can act on right away. So grab your favorite pen and favorite piece of paper because it’s about to get Shareable. SPECIAL THANKS TO Caroline, our Producer. Thanks for everything you do to make this show happen. Ray, our Audio Engineer. Thanks for cleaning up our voices and adding all that sexy production value. Friends with boats. Thank you for the joy of your company and the extra splash of fun you bring to our otherwise boat-less summers.

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