April 13, 2017


#24: Innovation On-Demand | Santos Gonzalez

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Jeff Gibbard
#24: Innovation On-Demand | Santos Gonzalez
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#24: Innovation On-Demand | Santos Gonzalez

Apr 13 2017 | 00:37:38


Show Notes

Hello Shareable family! We’ve got Santos Gonzalez on the show today! Full disclosure: Santos is one of our clients at True Voice Media, and he’s one of Jeff’s bros, so you’ll definitely hear these guys bro out during the episode. Santos is the CEO and Founder of ManeStreem, a beauty on demand app. It’s like Uber for beauty. If you want to get a haircut, manicure, massage, you just open up your ManeStreem app, select your service, and it comes to you. Wild, right? Before the app, Santos wrote a real-estate book, worked for The Philadelphia Inquirer, and then left the corporate world to start his app. So he’s an entrepreneur turned corporate man turned entrepreneur again. Listeners, you may love this episode simply because listening to Santos talk about anything is energizing. But beyond that, you’ll hear Jeff and Santos get into innovation, passion, future technology, role models, team building, and so much more. You won’t want to miss this lovable bro sesh. Oh and one more thing, if you download the ManeStreem App and use the promo code JEFF, you’ll get 30% off of your first purchase.

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